Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sorrowful Day.

Assalamualaikum and hi. My title today is affected with my Goblin's fever i admit it. Haha. But, today is really a sorrowful day. I daydreamed a lot.

   Today our result went out and i can say it was horrible. I failed one subject and my boyfriend too. He texted me by sending the screenshot of his result and i sent mine. Then he replied once, and went missing after that until now and i don't know until when. We both are at our lowest right now. The funny thing is, i feel that i am a horrible girlfriend because didn't comfort my boyfriend when he is at his lowest. But the truth is, i don't know what to do because i feel sad too. I never thought that i have to repeat a subject because i failed the subject. Who knows one of the thing that i fear the most alreadt happened to me ?

   Honestly i miss my boyfriend so much because meeting him yesterday just for 1 hour is not enough after not meeting him for 2 weeks. I know i'm so clingy that i want him infront of me most of the time. I need his hug, after a very rough day. How i wish i can just blow the candle and poof he is there in front of me like in the drama. And how i wish i have a car or his hostel is near me so that i can easily meet him (but if he wants to meet me after he knows his result).

   I shut myself up almost a day today because i gave him time for himself and that i think maybe he really need a time to think, to settle down all his problems. I believe he already did his best. He is still the best. He is still the best boyfriend. I wish he is here now with me, or i were there with him.

   I am sorry for being a horrible girlfriend for you because i never know how to comfort you. End up it will be you are the one who comforts me. I am sorry. I am afraid that i might lost you because you always make a decision to not contact me or leave me when things regarding to this happened. I am paranoid. So i thought being silent and give you a time for yourself is the best instead of i spam you and make you annoyed. I am sorry. I just love you and miss you so much.

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