Thursday, December 21, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi. I'm actually tengah study because i will have my first final paper tomorrow and i am so nervous. Like seriously i am nervous. That's why i'm typing here to let go all of my nervousness.

   I came to see my boyfriend just now and had a dinner together. I came to see him in the first place because, yknow, when-you-are-down-and-you-need-someone feeling ? But it turns out that he is the one who comforts me haha lol me. He asked me just now if he is about to change university, what will i do ? Find a new boyfriend ? Hell no man. Why should i find another man when i still love him ? You know, if you love someone truly and sincerely, no matter how far the distance and how busy you are, the love will always be there and you will always make time and effort to spend time with each other. Looking how my roommate and other friends that are having long distance relationship makes me think that you can do anything for the ones that you love. Unless if your mind set said that you can't be with someone who is not in front of you.

   I came this far, to face all the best and the worst with him because of how much i love him but is my love is overload ? haha. I think this is one of the reasons why i feel so nervous.

   But well, i also feel nervous because i am afraid i cannot make it for this semester. I tried to study but my mind feels like it about to explode and i feel like to vomit. I even tampal 'koyok' on my head sebab pening sangat. I know i need to relax.....

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