Monday, August 7, 2017

Missed Chances.

Assalamualaikum and hi. Just now i burst into tears lepas tengok drama korea because at the same time, i'm so sad today and nothing makes me happy the entire day. I cried after watching the drama because, its about how two person live separately and finally meet each other in the end when both of them dah tua. I know how it feels to missed someone for so long. Like how can they not to meet each other almost 38 years man ?! Weh i didn't meet my boyfriend for almost 4 months pun, it hurts like hell sebab tak dapat jumpa lansung.

   So it happens today sepatutnya i meet him because he is at Melaka too. Stayed at his uncle's house till this evening. Sepatutnya i can meet him sebab dah dekat sangat weh. Satu Melaka. But what can i do when i need to bring my grandma to pasar, help her cook, and my atuk sedara suddenly came. I don't blame them but the situation makes it hard for us to meet each other. He can't come to the house because he's just following his cousin. And last minute my grandma bagi green light to go to bandar on my own to meet my boyfriend. the time i got the green light, he is about to go home because he need to go back to KL. His flight to Kedah is tomorrow so...yeah.

   I just hope that there's a good reason behind all this and i'm really looking forward to meet him this September. I just miss him so much that i can't help but cry and sleep with his sweater. I'm so clingy aite ?

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