Monday, July 3, 2017

For You

Assalamualaikum and hello. I just came back from Perak just now and already mandi and unpack things so now am on my way to sleep. But masa tengah drive tadi, i had this thought to make an entry for my boyfriend. Its more to confession.

   So hi bae. First of all, i wanted to apologize if i have ever disappoint you, like, maybe being insecure thinking that you might like someone else so you disappointed because it looks like i didn't trust you. I'm sorry. That's what girlfriends do you know. Because i always feel that i am not good enough for you and for everyone that are important in my life. Lately, if you realize, i got no morning text from you and expecting at least you might text me first everyday but in the end, i only got your twitter notification. So i just thought that maybe you got something to do the moment you woke up and very busy in the morning. And when i got your twitter notification, i guess that maybe you have short time to play with the phone so you just open twitter instead and text me later when you have a plenty of time. Or maybe its my turn rn to text you first everyday ? I'm sorry for not saying this earlier because i thought that all of this things only mattered to me. I am the one who craves for your attention a lot. So i make myself busy too by doing the house chores or reads novel.

   I actually afraid that when we less communicate, our love to each other fades. Yes i overthink. I know. But now, i am trying to be more indepedent, and not to overthink too much. Honestly, you got my total trust. I trust you and i know you will not cheat on me and always be honest with me. So sayang, i hope that you will not break my trust this time and this is your third chance that i gave to you and i hope i don't have to give another chance because i don't know if i will give that 'another chance'. But who knows what might happened next in the future, right ?

   I always miss our time when we both at the campus. Our night walk, our late night conversation, lepak at the place that we can see the moon and the stars, when you sing a song to me, main kejar kejar, everything. And i'm looking forward to make more happy memories with you.

   Do you want to know something ? You are actually my first love even tho before you i have quite number of exes ;p I think you knew already that you are my first love aite ? Hahaha. I love you.

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