Thursday, April 20, 2017

What is Love Anyway ?

Love or being loved by someone is always the best feeling in the world. Everyone needs a partner in their life. Someone that understands you, someone that completes you, someone that accepts all your flaws and someone who will never give up on you and get bored of you.

   Maybe there is a difference between liking someone and loving someone. I think that when you like someone, you just don't have that kind of affection to them. You just like them and comfortable being with them. But when you love someone, you will always feel like home when you are with them, wanted to share the rest of your life with them, and you just can't live without them. You will always wanted to be better for each other and be there for each other during ups and downs. And when you love someone, you will always feel excited to see them, to get a phone call from them, to get a text message from them and any updates from them excites you. That's why i really love the old couples that still love each other just like when they were young. They live together and love each other till the end. They don't love their partner or wanted to be with them because they feel lonely  or because of lust. 

   The problem now is that, many people confuse on loving someone, liking someone or just wanted the person because of lust. That's why there are some people that are broken because of a relationship and never wanted them again. They push people away. But some of them are lucky to have a second chance, to start all over again with their partner and make the relationship better. But i guess, no matter what it is, everyone have their worst days that makes them better and wanted to have a better relationship. Time heals. When the time comes, the right one will come. 

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