Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rainy Day

Its raining right now and it has been raining for days every evening. I love this kind of weather, so much. It feel so peaceful and cold, and the best time to sleep.....or cuddle haha. But i can only get that when i'm married :p

   Nothing much to share about. I just feel like wanted to write something. All my friends are sleeping and some of them already went back home. Yeah home. I do miss home. But thinking that i'm not able to do anything that i wanted to do when i'm at home and thinking how bored i am when i'm at home doesn't excites me when it comes to holidays. Final exams is around the corner and so does 4 months semester break. I wonder what will happened during that semester break. Maybe i'm taking a part-time job ? Maybe i'm traveling somewhere ? Or maybe i'll just stay at home doing the house chores. Ramadhan is also around the corner. I'm excited to go for tarawih every night. I miss those fasting days. And i'm excited for raya too ! Haha. I wonder what will my boyfriend looks like wearing his baju melayu for the first day of raya. Its our first time being together for ramadhan and hari raya. I'm really looking forward for that day to come. Okay that's enough for that.

   I love when it rains. You know why ? Because i can hear the sound of the rain. Its so peaceful. When it rains, i always have that time alone for myself, thinking, and just enjoy the rain. I just can't explain how i love the weather. But of course i do feel scared when its stormy. I think that's all for this time. :)

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