Thursday, April 20, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi. So its 1.55am. I just met my boyfriend just now after 4 days not meeting him (yeah that's how clingy i am). But i guess its reasonable ? Because we didn't text each other that often during that 4 days. So yeah, i confessed to him about my feelings.

   What i told him is that, i do feel annoyed and angry with myself because always overthinking and it seems like i don't believe in him at all. I do believe him, seriously. Its just that, because of the past, i'm afraid of the same thing might happened again and i always afraid that he might get bored of my attitude. Then, i told him that i feel unfair when i'm the one who always tell what i feel and what i'm not satisfied about him. I wanted him to also tell me of how he feels or if he have concerns. But, i do remember when he said that don't force him to tell what he feels and his problem because he is the type who doesn't like to share.

   After meeting him, i realized that most of the problem maybe comes from me ? I don't know. Maybe yes. So i decided to start being independent and trying not to be so clingy. I know sometimes dia rimas and malas nak layan myself. That's why sometimes he didn't reply to my text or even find me. Yeah, maybe i love him so much and afraid of losing him that makes me always insecure and always try hard to be the best but easily overthinking. Haih batrisyia. Will i succeed in becoming an independent woman ?

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