Wednesday, April 26, 2017

At The Urge of Giving Up

Assalamualaikum and hi. Now, i'm on my study week. Tomorrow, final exam starts. Then, 4 months of semester break. Just now, i got my coursework mark for Economics subject and i only manage to get 26/60. I know, its bad. Very bad.

   When i think about it back, its actually my fault. It's too late for now for me to realize and make it up again. I'm focusing too much on something that i shouldn't be worrying about and i'm easily give up on something. I never put effort in trying to make something happened. I wanted the best, but i didn't make an effort. I felt that i'm a burden to my family, but you know, i didn't do my best.

   I don't know what to do right now. Lately i'm always having a headache. Even sekarang pun pening lagi. I'm sad of myself because i have too much flaws that i cover it up before this just to not to burden people around me. But i guess i'm actually a burden to them even if i try not to be. Why i'm always like this. Blaming myself for many reasons and started to give up.

   But i know, i can't take this as an excuse for me to not to be a better person. I need to change myself. I can't always give up just like that. Things can be change. I  love my family, friends and boyfriend. I wanted to be the best for them. So i need to get up again and try to make everything better instead of complaining about myself but not making any effort.

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