Thursday, March 23, 2017

Am I So Desperate ?

Assalamualaikum and hi. Well, actually i'm in the middle of my group's meeting for our group project but my part dah siap dah so... i started to open all the social medias and explore all the things that i wanted to explore. And suddenly i'm feeling like to deactivate my Twitter and Instagram for a day. Just to stop myself from stalking the same person everyday and feeling so insecure. Then i opened Tumblr and read something...

   Sometimes i wonder, the way i wanted someone to stay in my life, does it shows that i'm so desperate to keep someone that i love forever ? You know, i really don't like it when someone stays in my life just because that particular person is pity of me. I'd rather being left because there's no more love. It hurts that knowing someone stays in your life for so long but with no love. Its just because of, you know, kesian.

   I might not be strong enough to accept the fact that someone i love are no longer love and stays with me. But i know i can go through it but its just take a plenty of time for me to make a move.

   I don't know why i have this sudden thoughts. Maybe what i said here is true, or maybe i'm just overthinking. I hate myself for being so insecure because of afraid being left out by the one that i love. I'm sorry if i'm just overreacting and overthinking. I hope that you know how much i love you. That's why sometimes i'm being like this. Don't worry, i hate myself too.

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