Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Feeling of Not Being Good Enough #part2

Assalamualaikum. Wazzup gais. Me now in the lab waiting for the lab session to start at 2. And something came up. Its about keeping someone's secret.

   You know, sometimes i realized that i accidentally tell someone's secret without realizing it until someone tegur. Its not that i don't want to keep people's secret. MAN I WOULD LOVE TO BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I'M BEING TOTALLY TRUSTED. I'm such a horrible person. Or maybe i deserved to be alone. People think that i'm innocent and kind but me myself, i don't feel that way. I feel like i'm the most horrible person and don't deserve to be friend with anyone. That's why sometimes i love to be alone but at the same time i wanted to be around my friends, partner and especially family. When you are alone, i feel like that's the only way you will not hurt anyone. But that's not what life supposed to be.

   Sometimes i'm blessed to have a very good friends beside me. Even tho how bad i am, how many mistakes i made, they still accept me the way i am and i appreciate it so much. They are very precious to me and i would love to be their friends forever. And if they want to. So to my lovely friends, i try to change my bad attitude because i also hate myself for being like this. I realized my mistakes. Thank you for making me realized it. I love you girls. :)