Thursday, February 9, 2017


Hey Assalamualaikum. 4 days past after we broke up and i'm still crying everyday since that day even before that day. Till now i still don't know his real reason why he wanted to broke up with me. Where did i go wrong ?
     He said that he wanted a break up because he didn't love me anymore. Like what the actual fuck man ?! How can your feeling towards your partner just disappear like that ? He mentioned that there's no such thing as he wanted a break up because of his mom or because of his studies. So is it because he still can't get over his ex-girlfriend ? His ex-girlfriend yang dia sibuk kejar dulu sampai tinggalkan aku ? If it is true then, what's the meaning of those 3 months together ? Did he just use me to forget his ex-girlfriend ? You know what, i never hate his ex-girlfriend even till now. I like her because of her confidence in doing everything. BUT I JUST SO DAMN HATE HIM BECAUSE HOW CAN YOUR FEELINGS TOWARDS SOMEONE EASILY CHANGED ?????????????
     I wanted to meet him just to return back his sweater and his baju yang he gave me. But the sweater, i'm the one who wanted his sweater. I requested him something if we meet again to return our belongings. I requested that i wanted to ask him few questions regarding to our broken relationship. But he seems like avoiding again. We supposed to meet yesterday but he is not free. And i asked him to contact me whenever he is free but till now, no news. I don't want to drag this thing for a long time. I need to make a move but at the same time, there's a lot of questions in my mind that need an answers.
     Sometimes i wonder, why he is so cruel. Didn't he scared of the balasan that he will get when he did this to me TWICE ?! I'm tired of crying. Seriously. But i can't help myself. I'm just too sad. It broke me inside more when i planned to spend these 4 days holidays with him happily but ended up spending the holidays crying over him.