Saturday, February 11, 2017

After 4 Days Past

Assalamualaikum and evening peeps. Well, its 11.30pm. I'm trying to finish up my assignment that need to be submitted to my group-mate this coming Monday. But, suddenly i'm feeling like wanted to update my blog because as usual, i have so many thoughts in my head.
   So what happened after 4 days past ? Me and my boyfriend meet again this early in the morning. Well actually  yesterday i whatsapp-ed him because i wanted to meet him to return our belongings and to settle quite few things(coz i have lots of things to tell him and to ask him). But unfortunately, he was at Ipoh with his friends last night. So he replied my whatsapp around 3am and surprisingly he said he missed me...
   I thought that he will not reply to my whatsapp because of his ego and maybe because he really have no feelings towards me anymore. So i thought he may have less intention to reply my whatsapp. But end up, he said that he missed me. Then i responded by asking why did he leave me if ended up he is the one who missed me ? You know, i miss him a lot too. More than he does. Then dia ajak breakfast sama sama. So we meet around 7am. We talked about a lot of things about us and its more to heart to heart session. This time, its my decision that we should continue our relationship or not. Then, what i said to him was that, of course i will accept him. Because on the day i gave him second chance, i already prepared myself by taking the risk of any possibilities that might happened. I know him very well. I know how screwed up he will be and because of how screwed up and fucked up he is, he left me 4 days ago.
   I also don't know what's wrong with myself because keep on giving him a chance. Some girls are just too fool about relationships and they willingly to do anything to take everything as long as they are with their partners. The one that they love the most.
   Now, i'm happy that he is mine again. But i'm afraid that he might not be happy. He said that he is happy but i know this guy. He will never say about what's actually on his mind and he likes to keep it by himself. If you are reading this dear boyfriend, i wanted you to know that how i'm glad that you are mine and no matter how bad, cruel, kind, you are, i still love you. You don't have to be perfect to be with me because i'm not that perfect too. I make mistakes. Often. Let's just support each other in becoming a better person for our future, okay ? I love you.