Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I See Myself As A Bad Person

Hi. Assalamualaikum. Hmm, nowadays i feel like im more frequently update my blog. Well, maybe because i keep this tought to myself so im not able to tell anyone so i just wrote here as i know no one would read it. I guess.

      I dont know why but i always feel like im a bad person, always overthinking, not honest. I dont know if what i feel is true or am i just overrract ? I wanted to become a better person. Everyone does. But people make mistakes. We are a sinner. We cant run from make any mistakes. People easily judge you when you only make 1 mistake instead of judging your more than 1 kindness. I admit it that me, myself also have my own flaws. Sometimes i ask myself, am i a selfish person ? Am i an evil person ? Am i always talking bad about other people ? Am i a person that cant be trusted ? Im sad with myself. I feel like ive changed a lot. I wanted to become better person but i feel like im becoming a worst person. I feel like it is better for me to be alone by myself because with that way, i wont hurt anyone around me.

      Sometimes i just wanted people around me to know that, i never have any intention to make them my enemies, to talk bad about them, or anything that is negative. I have always wanted to have a good relationship with people around me. Im happy when people around me happy.

        I just dont know whats wrong with myself. Im just sad with myself.