Monday, November 21, 2016

Disappointed with Myself

Assalamualaikum and hi. So, im back at utp after a short break with my family this weekend. And alhamdulillah i've settled quite few things with my boyfriend. But, well, im still sad and disappointed with myself.
    Sometimes i miss my innocent days when i was a secondary school student who only knows to go to school every weekdays and went back home with homeworks and spend the weekend watching my favourite idols or watching dramas. I feel i've changed a lot since i'm in university. And im sad. Because i feel like im changing to become the worst person. You know, sometimes, all the bad things that you did, will not be hidden forever. People will judge you with one mistakes that you made and forget about all the good things that you did before. Thats how life is right now. Im not blamming people. Im blamming myself.  Im sad with myself. Totally sad. I hate myself. And i started to feel like everyone around me also hate me like, a lot. I dont know why lately im easily upset and not at ease.

    Im sorry people. If i have done any mistakes to you guys. Im just a normal person who make mistakes. We all have our very own dark side that only us know what it is. And if people around you knows your dark side, its you yourself who showed to people your dark side. Its you. Berani buat berani tanggung kan. All i can say is now, at this moment, im upset and disappointed with myself.