Monday, October 3, 2016

Degree Life ?

3rd October 2016

Hi Assalamualaikum ! We meet again after a 'long time no see' post. I already started my degree life  starting September 2016. And now i'm in my first year first semester. Actually i cant believe that i'm already in my degree life. Its so fast.

   Many things happened even tho its just a few weeks past after degree has started. About friendship and relationship. So many  things to be written but i cant manage to write it all. About friendship, now, i just follow the flow, be friends with everyone because i feel that is better rather than i choose sides and be with them. I love to be friends with everyone and not being too attached with close friends. Because when you started to be a clingy friend, everything they do, everything that they've said, it all matters to you because you wanted to know everything. And you wanted to be with them like, most of the time. I'm happy with my circle of friends now. I love them all. They are all important to me even tho certain i can't manage to keep in touch with them in certain times and even tho some of them got a new best friends. As long as everyone is happy, i am too.

  About relationship. This is the biggest decision that i need to do in my life right now. After 8 months of struggle to move on, to forget all the sweet and pain memories, suddenly he came back with apologies and regrets and...even  a second chance. I didn't expect things like this would happened for real. I thought i would be fine by myself and get to know a new person. But, things didn't happened as i expected. Its been a week after he came back for a second chance. So it means that we have been contact with each other for a week. I didn't give him that second chance honestly but he treated me like i'm his and i treat him kinda like 'mesra'. Its foolish of me because i'm too kind with him. I'm mad with myself of course. But i see the changes in him. That's why i just accept him as friend for now to see if he will be the same or change to a better person. Because sometimes, i think, i don't know what might happened in the future. I'm really tired of being a heartbroken person. Its so tiring and pathetic of me when i'm heartbroken. The pain, i still can feel it. I told him everything that i've been through to get over him and all i can see in his face is regrets. But, still, like i said, i don't know what might happened in the future. So i guess i just accept him as friend for now and no second chance for now. Its not an easy decision to give someone a second chance.