Thursday, June 2, 2016


June 2nd 2016

Hi Assalamualaikum. How are you silent readers ? Enjoying your life ? Great then. Alhamdulillah. So today, i just finished my test 3 of Fundamental Of Programming II. And today i decided to watch movie "Me Before You" with my friends. But....most of them couldn't make it. Only me and my roommate. And the other are just my sister and her friends. Well, we go to the movie separately so i'm hoping that my other friends would want to go but some of them went back home and some of them don't want to join. Well it's okay then. I'm fine.

   Actually, i'm about to tell about my friends here, in UTP. I have 7 of them. But, something happened to us so all of us rarely spend the time together. Everyone has their own new friends and partner. How i miss them and how i miss the strong bond between us before this. But, experience thought us. All of us are still friends. Many things happened to us. We still keep holding on to each other through many obstacles but i guess, now, everyone wants their own time and they are also tired of keeping holding on. 

   Deep in my heart, i love them so much. No matter how bad their past are, how annoying they are, how irritating they are, and no matter how much flaws they have, i still accept them the way they are. I have never had a friends like them. They are just, different. I really appreciate the time when they concerned about me when i have a boyfriend once, here in UTP. They knew that the guy, that once make me happy and loved, are actually just playing around with me. So they put on effort to tell me the truth but ya, i'm the stubborn one. So i deserve of what had happened. Okay enough about my past. I really don't want to remember my past anymore. I need a new life. He already had a new life, with the new one. 

   I miss the time when i hang out with my friends here, in the middle of the night, being crazy kiddos, and rent a car just to eat at mamak's stall at 3/4 am , went to the laundry, or just to hang around Ipoh. I miss those craziness. I don't know whether you guys miss that moment too. Well, it doesn't matter i guess. 

   Well guys, once again, if you guys are reading this, i want you guys to know that no matter how far we are, no matter how we rarely contact with each other, i love you guys always. You guys are the best friends ever i have ever met and i will never forget you guys. I will always pray that we will success together and will always be together forever if we were meant to be together. I love you guys <3