Monday, April 25, 2016

People come and go right ?

Hi ! Assalamualaikum. :) I just finished my test 1 just now and i am so sleepy. Maybe im too tired because of yesterday's activity. Yesterday was the best ! Allah's creation never failed to make me feel calm. Okay actually i wanted to tell something that i will mention for the last time of my life and i hope that i will never mention it again.

   So my already-ex-boyfriend had a new girlfriend which is the girl that he approached right after he broke up with me or even actually before he broke up with me. I am surprised that he doesn't hide that he have a girlfriend like he did when he was with me. He updated his twitter and instagram more frequently and he also posted his picture with her girlfriend. fine. Maybe his girlfriend right now is different from the other girl that ever existed in his life including me. And i admit that she is more beautiful and stylish than me. Hey girl, i know that you knew i stalked you a few days back because i accidentaly clicked the 'follow' button on your instagram. I just wanted to tell you that i have no intention to hate you or anything that similar to that. I hope that you understand why i did that. But im not opening your instagram and twitter dah. You are lucky to have that kind of him than that kind of him that i get. And hi ex, thanks for coming into my life for a lesson. A very big lesson. May you get a better life and be a good guy. Adios. :)