Sunday, February 14, 2016

I should realize it earlier .

Hey Assalamualaikum.
So here's the story.

   I remember the day i asked him for a break up but then he asked me if i really wanted to and i said no. Then, he said "you fikir masak masak dulu". And i was like "okay". Then that night, he met me at the cafe and suddenly leave me without a single word. Just blahh macam tu. Then tak contact lansung since then. I whatsapp-ed him and called him but i get no respond. But there is that one day i whatsapp-ed him again to ask if he mad at me and ajak jumpa to settle things properly. Tapi he just answered "nope" "bz". I wonder why i didn't realize that from the day he started to approach me, he don't have any intention to take the relationship seriously. Dia memang nak game. Lagi best aku dengar, saje nak 'test market'. Wow. Congrats then. You win.

    But, it hurts me the most lah bila dapat tahu he tells his friend that "weyy aku dah clash dengan bat" something like that. Happily. And then, dapat tahu, yang dia tengah approach perempuan lain yang ada same passion dengan dia which she likes to play basketball too. Okay i understand some of guy that active in sports want his partner to have the same passion too. So i don't want to argue about that. But i just....don't understand why he did that. Doesnt he knows that it hurts me the most ? Oh ya, of course he doesnt know. Thats why he did that.

    And what i hate the most is, things like this happened when our final exam is around the corner. Im facing a very hard time to deal with my feeling and the urge to study. Sometimes our memory just came to my mind just like that. Sakit hati towards him tu undescribable. I wish that he feel what i feel and he knows what i feel. But does he care if he knows what i feel ?

    Awak, thanks for everything. Thanks a lot for making me as a joke. Thanks for approaching me just to 'test market'. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. I am sorry if i had done any mistakes to you. It might be too late to realize that you have never take this relationship seriously. But i learned from what happened. And i have no trust dekat awak dah. Im starting to hate you but then, there is no use for me to hate you. I didnt get any reward for hating you. And maybe because i still have that feeling towards you. Have a good life and dont do this to the other girl. It hurts a lot. Dont wait until the time you get back what you did to me because what goes around comes around. Adios.